Environmental impact assessment

  • The erection or modification of your plant requires an environmental impact assessment under the Environmental Impacts Assessment Act (EIA)?
  • Perhaps a "general or site-screening of the individual case" according to the EIA Act (also called environmental screening) will suffice?
Environmental impact assessment

This type of test is performed in case of "smaller" facilities with minor environmental impacts, and in case of multiple modifications of existing facilities and will lead to a decision whether a full environmental impact assessment is to be performed.

In both cases we evaluate the conditions of a full environmental impact assessment and prepare the necessary documents.

Environmental impacts with regard to the following protected objects are determined and assessed:

  1. people, in particular human health,
  2. animals, plants and biodiversity,
  3. oil, water, air, climate and landscape,
  4. cultural heritage and other material goods as well as
  5. the interaction between the aforementioned protected objects.

We support you with the so-called "scoping procedure", during which the authorities will determine the scope and depth of necessary investigations.

Based on the findings, we then create the EIA report (formerly environmental impact analysis - UVU and environmental impact study - UVS) with

  • project description
  • state analysis with conflict assessment
  • ímpact analysis with expert assessment and presentation of preventive and mitigation measures

In this context, we also create a major part of the necessary expert surveys (e.g. immission forecasts of air pollutants, odour, noise) and carry out investigations (e.g. landscape analysis) and use the synergy effects. For any necessary special faunistic and floristic mapping, we use the local knowledge of local experts where possible.

GfBU-Consult is a member of EIA Society UVP-Gesellschaft (Gesellschaft für die Prüfung der Umweltverträglichkeit) e.V.

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