Noise prognosis/noise reports

  • Is the determination and assessment of noise immissions required for your building project or for your plant subject to permission?
Noise or sound forecast

We create noise immission forecasts on the basis of pertinent guidelines (TA Noise - Technical Instructions on Noise Abatement, etc.) using a complex model taking into account the topographical conditions, as well as shielding, reflection, diffraction and attenuation by relevant building elements. We use the approved program model SOUNDPLAN.

We offer:

  • identification and determination of the emission level of sound sources
  • calculation of immission levels
  • assessment with regard to reference emission values day/night, peak level criterion, rare events, low-frequency noise, etc.
  • acoustic optimization of plant during planning stage (noise reduction)
  • noise mapping and quota
  • preparation of noise impact assessment/noise reports.


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