Organizational development

  • Your company needs an effective and powerful organizational structure?
  • Your responsibilities have changed, but the structure hasn't (yet)?
  • How many staff in the department X do you really need for assignment Y?
Organizational development

We have the necessary knowledge and experience to help you find solutions for such (and other) issues with regard to corporate organization. We support you with the

  • the process analysis to identify weak points and efficiency reserves,
  • restructuring your implementation and work-flow management,
  • assigning functions and powers and delegating responsibilities,
  • prevention of organizational flaws ("court-proof" organization),
  • reviewing your staffing and human resources analysis and
  • documenting your implementation and work-flow management in a proper operational documentation

Our staff can rely on extensive experience in the organization of small and medium-sized enterprises and municipal companies, public administrations including federal authorities.

Our experts will guide you not only during the design and study phase, but will support with advice and assistance when it is necessary to solve the problems during implementation.

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