Organizational fault analysis / Compliance Audit

  • You are aware of your liability risk in case of a poor organization and want to take action to avoid organizational faults in time?
  • Your goal is a "court-proof" organization of your company?
Organizational fault analysis / Compliance Audit

We have many years of experience and the expertise needed to implement organizational fault analyses in the areas of waste disposal, water supply and waste water disposal, pulp/paper/wood, chemicals and power generation.

Our staff:

  • conduct a detailed analysis of your organization's risks,
  • assess the risks in terms of their impact in case of liability,
  • create an action plan to avoid an organizational fault,
  • develop the necessary tools, including those for the delegation of tasks and duties, for personnel selection, for sub-contractor and
  • external company monitoring, for the permit management, for the selection and monitoring of disposal routes.

Compliance audit

  • You feel uncertain if your business complies with all mandatory requirements under the German Federal Immission Control Act, the German Criminal Code, the German Federal Water Act, the German Life-Cycle Resource Management Act, the German Chemicals Act, the German Occupational Safety and Health Act, the German Plant Safety Act, the German Hazardous Goods Act, the German Environmental Damages Act or any other relevant technical guidelines or rules of trade associations?
  • As part of your continuous plant monitoring / environmental assessments you intend to proof compliance with operating permits, approvals, authorizations issued by monitoring authorities?

In order to achieve a high level of legal certainty for your business (legal compliance), this calls for a constant monitoring of compliance with various legal and normative requirements.

We have experienced auditors in the fields of environmental protection, occupational safety and health and plant safety with qualifications as environmental auditors, safety engineers, senior auditors with the required expertise in laws, regulations and a profound knowledge of the trade in the areas of waste disposal, wood / paper / pulp industries, water supply / disposal, chemical, power and food industries.

Our auditors

  • conduct an inventory of the legal obligations under environmental and occupational safety legislation, including the requirements of the relevant technical regulations and trade association rules;
  • check the plant / installation documentation and permits for compliance with legal requirements and carry out a comprehensive site inspection;
  • analyse the results of the inventory for compliance with legal requirements and the requirements of the operating permits, verify the plant documentation and the operating permits by comparing them to the actual findings of the plant inspection, check the compliance of testing, inspection and training deadlines and the implementation of measures as a result of self-monitoring;
  • create a solution concept with corrections and suggestions for improvement and an action plan with responsibilities and due dates;
  • document the result of the compliance audits in a written report to the company management.
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