Immission forecast - Air pollutants

  • For your building project or your existing plant, you need a prognosis and an assessment of the effects of expected air pollutants / germs / bio-aerosols on humans and nature (dispersion calculation)?
  • You need assistance when implementing the new TA Luft (Clean Air Act)?
Immission forecast - Air pollutants

Both for approval procedures and if there is an indication of exceeding the threshold values (complaints), we are at your service.

We perform the necessary calculation / simulation according to the provisions of TA Air (Clean Air Act) and present the findings in an air pollutant report. We have a variety of program models (AUSTAL 2000 or LASAT) at our disposal.

Here, the impact of meteorological effects (weather data), if necessary topographical data (terrain modelling) as well as the influence of buildings (turbulence) are taken into account. As a result, the concentration of pollutants in the area of interest can be presented and evaluated.

  • What maximum concentrations occur in which locations?
  • Are thresholds exceeded, what is allowed / safe?
  • Under what conditions is a pre-pollution measurement (duration 1 or ½ year) necessary?
  • What are the alternatives?

In difficult cases, outside the validity limits of the TA Luft (Clean Air Act) model (e.g. in mountainous areas, in narrow valleys), we also perform prognostic wind field model calculations together with partners.

In order to exclude an impairment of the environment through discharged exhaust gases, we carry out calculations of the required stack height of the plant you are planning to build or planning to modify.

We research and compute for you. We develop project-oriented solutions.

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