Authority approved expert / Application manager

  • As an investor, you want the approval procedure to be carried out expeditiously and effectively?
  • As an authority, you have limited staff resources in dealing with the upcoming approval procedure?
Authority approved expert

Feel free to take advantage of our vast experience as authority approved expert / application manager.

On behalf of the approving authority, we prepare expert reports and help accelerate the approval procedure with the applicant's consent and after their confirmation to assume all costs.

Possible services include:

  • preparation of, participation in and post-processing of the so-called scoping procedure for projects with environmental impact assessment,
  • communication on the likely required documents,
  • examination of application documents,
  • preparation of the hearing,
  • environmental impact assessment and summary of comments submitted by the involved authorities.

Subject to §2 clause 2, No. 5 and §13 clause 1 of the 9th BImSchV (Federal Immission Control Act - Regulation on the approval procedure) resp. §26 VwVfG (Administrative Procedures Act).

We know the concerns and needs of both sides.

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