CE marking

  • You are distributors of machinery and equipment, you are redesigning your own production facilities combining machines to use them as complete systems in the production process?
CE marking

Then you are required to comply with the stipulations of the European Machinery Directive:

  1. Applicable stipulations of the European Machinery Directive
  2. Basic requirements on  safety and health
  3. Identification of applicable industrial standards
  4. Risk assessment
  5. Compilation of operating instructions
  6. Analysis and declaration of conformity
  7. Compilation of required technical documentation

We help you deal with a wide range of issues which often puzzle manufacturers and plant operators alike.

  • We analyse your production equipment as to what extent it is subject to the Machinery Directive  in terms of combined machinery and determine the regulatory scope.
  • We assist you in compiling the necessary documents for technical documentations, operating instructions and the EC Declaration of Conformity.
  • Together with you we review whether a modification of machinery is classified as significant  and thus requires a new assessment of conformity or if an inspection according to the Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health suffices.
  • We train your purchase staff as to which contractual arrangements are appropriate.
  • We advise you on the applicable stipulations when  buying or selling used machinery.

We will work with you to prepare the documents for CE conformity. We have approved CE-coordinators and inform you about required CE marking of pressure vessels and of equipment and protective systems in explosion-risk areas.

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