FFH screening / FFH impact assessment

  • Is your proposed plant located in the vicinity of an area of the network "Natura 2000" (FFH areas and EU bird protection areas)?
FFH screening / FFH impact assessment

In that case, the FFH (Flora-Fauna-Habitat) Directive and the Federal Nature Conservation Act call for the examination or screening of the compatibility of the project or plan with the stipulated conservation objectives in the area affected.

Basically, it is irrelevant whether the project occupies areas directly within Natura 2000 sites or affects the area from the outside. If significant impacts cannot be completely excluded (this is the subject of the FFH screening), a complete FFH impact assessment according to the Federal Nature Conservation Act has to be carried out for further clarification.

An FFH screening examines:

  • habitats under Annex I Habitats and Species Directive, including its typical species
  • species under Annex II Habitats and Species Directive and birds listed in Annex I and Section 4 clause 2 Birds Directive including their habitats and / or locations as well as
  • biotic and abiotic site factors, spatial and functional relationships, structures, area-specific features or characteristics that are of significance with regard to a.m. habitats and species (e.g. habitat network).

Is an impact on species under the special stipulations for protected species of the Federal Nature Conservation Act §44 suspected, an additional species protection technical study, also known as inspection under the Ordinance on the Conservation of Species (saP) is required.

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