Legal compliance

  • You would like to be supported in keeping track of the many legal changes and amendments in a more systematic way in future?
  • The collateral clauses under your various permits and monitoring compliances need a structured filing and deadline monitoring?

Register of legal provisions

Register of legal provisions

We will create a register of legal provisions tailored to the needs of your company comprising the necessary directives, laws, regulations, administrative rules and ordinances with regard to industrial safety, pollution control as well as all legal provisions concerning waste, water, energy, conservation, construction, hazardous substances and hazardous goods. In doing so, EU standards, federal and state legislation as well as particular standards are taken into account.

Upon request, this register of legal provisions will be updated at regular intervals. This will help you comply with monitoring requirements arising in particular from environmental or energy management standards.

Register of permits

Register of permits

Our register of permits and constraints will help you keep under control the various permits, constraints, collateral clauses and other obligations (e.g. mandatory inspections of installations requiring monitoring such as steam boilers, pressure vessels, lifts) including the associated due dates.

Benefits using this register:

  • deadline monitoring for constraints and obligations (reminders can be set at your convenience);
  • alerts when exceeding due dates;
  • reminders of single, regular or continuous obligations;
  • 4 user defined additional fields;
  • upcoming or overdue deadlines are highlighted;
  • fast access and ease of use thanks to filters (subject X, only permit Y) and sorting by date, person in charge, subject etc.(including complex searches);
  • documentation of task completion (archive);
  • print-outs of all or selected information (e.g. only upcoming deadlines);
  • ease of use / minimal training required thanks to Excel-based programming;
  • optional automatic check of obligations at computer boot-up;
  • email function to inform colleagues in charge or any other responsible person;
  • customized adaptations are possible at any time.

This also improves legal certainty for the management staff since all relevant obligations are monitored and the current status is always obtainable.

This register was developed in response to requests from our customers in 2001 and has been improved ever since. It is already in use in a number of facilities e.g. a waste disposal company operating throughout Germany, in some power plants, pulp mills and in the paper industry, in an electric steel plant, in several companies in the wood-processing industry as well as in a variety of small and medium-sized businesses.

The one-off licence fee of €500 per site (including all permits) is a very competitive offer.

What is the sum of 8 and 8?

In a compliance audit, our competent auditors will determine the legal and normative requirements applicable to your company and check them with regard to their current implementation status in your company.

Please contact:

Dipl.-Chem. Dr. Steffen Wehrens
+49 30 99 28 82 16