Risk assessment

  • Fulfilling your entrepreneurial duties, you to try to track down occupational hazards and need help in their assessment?
Risk assessment

Each employer is required to identify hazards and to protect his staff from risks and costs associated with certain jobs, dangerous substances, machinery and equipment etc. Furthermore, he is required to assess and determine suitable measures against identified risks. The variety of legal bases

  • Occupational Health and Safety Act,
  • Occupational Safety Directive,
  • Hazardous Materials Ordinance,
  • Ordinance on Biological Agents

places high demands on the completeness and accuracy of the assessments.

We identify the hazards for you with the help of transparent, standardized and officially approved methods and document the findings and the measures (to be) taken.

Thus you follow your duties according to the risk assessment under BetrSichV. If required we create your explosion protection document.

The new Occupational Safety Directive apply since 01 June 2015! Please verify the timeliness of your documents, eg the risk assessments and the explosion protection document! Check your equipment for compliance with the best available technique standards, since this exam has been given a higher priority in the Occupational Safety Directive.

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