Acting as legally required specialist officers

  • You as the operator of a facility are required by law or governmental decree to appoint officers for environmental protection, transport of dangerous goods or occupational health?
  • Due to economic reasons, appointing a full-time qualified officer is out of question?
Acting as legally required specialist officers

The solution: You appoint an external officer.

We can offer you to act as

  • waste management officer according to §59 Closed Substance Cycle Act
  • immission control officer according to §4 Federal Immission Control Act,
  • hazardous incidents officer §58a Federal Immission Control Act,
  • water protection officer according to §64 Federal Water Act,
  • dangerous goods officer according to §1 Dangerous Goods Ordinance,
  • occupational safety officer according to §5 Occupational Health and Safety Act as well as
  • health and safety protection coordinator under §4 Construction Site Ordinance.

Our employees are currently acting as external specialist officers in various industries and have many years of experience in this field. Therefore, most problems concerning compliance with requirements are not new for us, more often we already have solutions at hand.

Your benefits:

  • You enjoy all economic advantages of not employing a specialist officer full time.
  • You can benefit from the extensive, constantly updated and cross-industry experience of our staff. This also applies to problems in adjacent areas of law, which do not require a separate assignment made by third parties.
  • You gain greater legal security.

The legally required training to maintain the expertise of the specialist officers is provided by us, you do need to worry about this issue any longer.

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